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Intruder Alarms

We install intruder alarm systems suitable for both commercial and residential property, designed to detect genuine incidents of forced entry/unauthorised access and to generate an effective response.

Most Intruder Alarm Systems are made up of a combination of both perimeter and motion detectors in order to provide full protection to the premises.

  • Various detection devices, including Vibration/Inertia Sensors and Magnetic Reed Contacts, protect the external doors and windows of the premises. The alarm is activated if an attempt to breach this perimeter is occurring.
  • Passive Infra-Red detectors (PIRs) or Dual Technology detectors are often referred to as motion sensors because the alarm is activated when they detect motion. They are located within the protected space i.e. room or corridor.

Each alarm system typically consists of:

o    Detection devices.

o    Control panel.

o    User-friendly keypad, which operates the system. Multiple keypads can be fitted if required.

o    Communicator, which reports activations to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

o    External bell box and internal siren, which sound on activation of the alarm.


Area partitioning is possible with all of our intruder alarm systems. This is an attractive security solution for large commercial premises, as areas can be armed and disarmed independently of each other.

Remotely monitored systems can be audible or silent and can send a signal to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) upon activation of the alarm. The ARC can then inform you or nominated keyholders and/or the Gardaí. An audible-only alarm operates by sounding a siren or bell when the alarm is activated and relies on the noise of the alarm to deter intruders and alert owners. Panic buttons can be installed for use in either residential or commercial premises. These can be programmed to operate an audible alarm or report silently to the ARC.

Intruder alarm systems can be wireless, wired or hybrid. Ideal for all types of homes and businesses. These systems can also provide a free smartphone app to monitor and control the system. Home automation can be used via this app. Additionally, intruder systems can integrate with Hikvision and other CCTV brands. The alarm owner can view their cameras remotely and where present use a two-way PA to communicate with persons on their premises.


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