24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

 Professional and cost-effective 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring services.

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A&A Security Systems offers a range of professional and cost-effective 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring packages. Using the very latest technology we monitor the status of business and residential systems 24-hours a day.

Our 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring service protects businesses and commercial properties from burglars and trespassers, alerting keyholders and emergency services.

Signals can be reported by standard telephone line (PSTN), by cellular link (GSM/GPRS) and by Direct Radio Link to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

We provide a 24-Hour Monitoring Service for:

  • Intruder Alarms

  • Fire Alarms

  • CCTV Intrusions

  • Water/Leak Detection

  • Air Conditioning Faults

  • Low/Over-Temperature Alarms

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How 24-Hour Security Monitoring Works

  • An installed control panel detects a change in an alarm sensor
  • The control panel can detect if the signal is an Intruder, Fire or Panic alarm activation
  • This information is immediately sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Operators in the monitoring centre process the information received.
  • Keyholders will be contacted in the order of the contact list provided, until notification is acknowledged.
  • Strict protocols are followed to prevent false alarm reporting.
  • If this is a genuine (verified) alarm event the monitoring operator will also alert the relevant authorities.

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24-Hour Alarm Monitoring FAQ

  • What is the recurring cost associated with 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring?

    We offer a range of monitoring packages and the cost is calculated based on the needs of the system/property and the transmission medium (PSTN / GSM / Radio)

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  • Can 24-Hour Monitoring be applied to all systems?

    Yes, literally any system can be monitored, to report a system event or alarm activation to nominated contacts.

    However some limitations apply to old Intruder Alarms that, because of the old technology, cannot report a ‘Verified’ intrusion signal; such systems need to be upgraded to ‘Verified’ status in order to qualify for Garda notification.

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