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Fire Alarms

We create intelligent fire safety solutions designed to meet all requirements and specific needs of your premises.

Should a fire accidentally break out, having an appropriate fire detection system is essential to ensure the utmost of safety. The systems we install provide the earliest possible warning of a developing emergency situation, facilitating safe and swift evacuation from your premises.

A&A Security Systems Ltd can service, install and upgrade conventional, addressable and wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Systems to Irish Standard IS3218:2013

We provide the following services:


  • Current System Consultation & Evaluation
  • System Design / Integration
  • Fire Alarm Systems Installation
  • Fire Alarm Test & Inspection Service Agreements
  • Maintenance Services
  • Support Services


We have fully certified Installation and Service Technicians on staff to ensure all requirements are met and that your business is protected. Our engineers hold Third-Party Certification, receive regular manufacturers’ product training and remain up-to-date and well-versed in all code requirements.

Our range of fire detection alarm panels conform to European Standard EN54. We can also supply and install a range of alternative detectors such as aspirating smoke and beam detectors or linear heat fire detection in areas where point detection is not practical.

We also install 24-hour fire monitoring systems which, in the event of a fire, send a signal to the Alarm Receiving Centre who will immediately contact nominated keyholders and the emergency services.

Conventional Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Conventional fire detection offers an effective basic system. It is cost effective and will meet the functional needs of small premises where a sophisticated system is not necessary. A conventional system identifies the zone that an alarm has been triggered in, although it doesn’t specify which device has been activated.

Analogue Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Analogue addressable systems differ from conventional systems in a number of ways -providing more flexibility, intelligence, speed of fire identification, point detection and scope of control. For these reasons, analogue addressable systems are the natural choice for larger premises with more complex system requirements.

Analogue addressable systems give every fire detector its own unique address and can pinpoint the individual device raising the alarm. It is possible to get advance warning of a developing hazard follow the spread or progress of a fire as individual detectors report conditions in their area. This allows for phased evacuation and precise direction of fire-fighters.

Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Wireless systems use radio communications and battery powered detectors. They are quick to install, with minimum disruption to your business. Wireless fire detection equipment is easily upgradable and allows you to modify/expand the system.

Wireless fire detection systems can be used for all applications and are an ideal solution for difficult wiring routes, preserving aesthetics and buildings undergoing renovation/expansion.